Youth Engagement in Digital Health

Edited by Mirabella Chan

In the digital age, the internet and digital technologies have increased public access to information. However, not all information is created equal. Finding reliable resources have never been more important, especially in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic. We, at The Dosette, hope to deliver accurate information in comprehensible articles and infographics for both patients and health care providers. Our platform provides free, easily accessible resources with accurate information straight to the fingertips of its audience. It is like a virtual pharmacist.

Digital technologies are revolutionizing the way patients and providers gather, use, and consume health information. The Lancet and Financial Times recognize the value of digital technology in the health world, so they established a multi-disciplinary joint commission to facilitate conversations about digital governance. In their recent "Governing Health Futures 2030" campaign, The Dosette was featured as a case study to showcase responsible youth engagement in digital health. This is only one example of how youth voices are shaping the narrative in the global health world. Follow their series to see how others around the world are utilizing technology to solve unmet health needs!

Pharmacist in Global Health

Pharmacists play an important role on a local, regional, and global level. Being mindful of how others are tackling universal issues in healthcare help pave the way for further growth and ingenuity locally. Consider the varying factors that affect health and lead to differing health solutions: geographical reach, level of cooperation, individuals/patient populations, access to health, and ranges of disciplines. International collaboration and awareness can lead to changes in patient care and improve health outcomes on a local level.

Opportunities for Future Pharmacists

As a future pharmacist, how can you become more globally-minded and prepare yourself to practice on a global scale?

  1. Many programs now offer a PharmD/MPH (Master of Public Health) dual degree which equips you with the necessary clinical tools to address public health needs.

  2. While in pharmacy school, seek global health electives or seminar classes.

  3. Consider an international rotation or medical mission trip for service learning and experience.

  4. Get involved with professional student organizations with globally-minded missions.


Current literature supports the expansion of global health education and international collaboration to prepare future health professionals. Being globally-minded is more important than ever in the health world. The COVID-19 pandemic is a clear example of how global issues impact local public health decisions and opportunities for health professional to adapt to best help their patients. As a pharmacist, it is not enough to simply know drug information, but we must recognize how this knowledge fits in the global health world. We should all strive to think globally and act locally.

Read more about how The Dosette is combating online misinformation here.



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