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First Aid Kits for Outdoor Adventures

Edited by Michelle Asselin

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As we head into summer, many people are dreaming of their next outdoor adventure. Whether you are planning a month-long wilderness expedition or enjoying a day hike close to home, you should always be prepared for a variety of first-aid scenarios.

Hiking First-Aid Kit


Do you have any emergency-use prescriptions, such as Ventolin, Nitroglycerin spray, Naloxone, or an Epi-Pen? If so, you should always include them in your first aid kit. If you are diabetic and are prone to episodes to low blood sugar, consider adding Dex4 tablets or another fast-acting sugar source like fruit juice. Before any adventures, check the expiry dates and replace any out-of-date medications. Finally, carry a list of medications you take regularly in case of emergency. Some other essentials include:


There are plenty of additional items you could add if you don’t mind a heavier kit (ex. for a car or boat). While these are not necessary, they can be useful in a variety of emergency situations.

While building your own kit allows for customization (and potentially cost savings if you build multiple kits!), there are also numerous pre-made kits on the market designed for different settings. These are very convenient, and often come with pocket guides or brochures with basic first aid information.

First-Aid Training Courses

Need to brush up on some of your outdoor first aid skills? Consider taking a course with Red Cross or St. John Ambulance. Both organizations also offer free apps that function as a mobile version of their first aid handbooks.

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Happy Exploring!

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