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Compliance Packaging: An Easier Way to Manage Your Meds

Edited by Claire Butler

A drug can only work if it is taken correctly. Many patients face challenges when it comes to taking their medications properly for various reasons such as high pill burden, complicated timing of doses, difficulty with memory, or physical impairments. Poor medication adherence contributes to increased chronic disease complications and health care costs. One way pharmacists can help ensure their patients get the full benefit from their medications is through compliance packaging.

What is compliance packaging?

Compliance packaging, also referred to as “blister/bubble packs” or “dosettes”, are a special way to package medications. They are a convenient way to remember to take the correct medications at the correct times throughout the day. As shown below, compliance packages typically package one week’s worth of medication in a single, clearly labelled pack. Each pack has specific slots for the time of day at which a medication is to be taken, such as morning, afternoon, evening, and bedtime. The medications are then placed into the correct compartment of the pack, based on what your doctor and pharmacist believe is the appropriate time to take your medication.

Fun Fact: Our blog is appropriately named “The Dosette” because we aim to provide weekly, easy-to-understand pharmacy and health information all in one place!

What is the benefit of compliance packaging?

Compliance packaging eliminates any confusion that can occur when taking multiple medications. Compliance packages have also been shown to increase medication adherence. That is, these packages ensure that patients take their medication at the appropriate times and are not forgetting or missing doses. Difficulties with memory can make it challenging to remember if a dose has already been taken. Compliance packages are a simple and effective way to visually track which medications have been taken throughout the day to avoid overdosing. Compliance packages are also a good tool for those who struggle with manual dexterity. Medication vials can be tricky to open for many people, so compliance packages can ease the medication-taking process. These packages help ensure that patients receive the full benefit of their medications.

Who can get their medications in a compliance package?